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What is the purpose of psychology? pay someone to do my assignment Whether you are suffering from sorrow, depression, spouse inconsistency, schizophrenia, poisoning etc - There is a way to live a better life than you were doing, and someone has a brain (and your brain) disease I was trained to understand and to consider your unique situation and variables to summarize and help you If they just point attention, grasp opportunities and reach out, I hope to know how many people will be better lives. From the above, we can officially introduce positive psychology. What is the purpose of this psychology field? Believe it or not, I am studying human superiority, virtue and factor that contribute to a fulfilling and meaningful life. In other words, it makes happy people happy. Psychologists narrowed it to five elements expressed as PERMA: From now on, he provided another world created during the game called "Magic Circle". This term helps to better understand the coexistence of positive psychology and video games. This helps people immerse themselves in daily life and life problems, which is a short flight. So, when you notice that you are in this magic ring, you enter the area you challenge and the area where your dream and reality blend. Purpose The purpose of this task is to provide opportunities to discover some basic information on psychology subfields. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn from other subfields of psychology in your classmates during the poster session in the class. Poster: The poster version of your report will allow other students in the class to understand your group's subfields. You need to be ready to answer questions about subfields from your classmates and professors. Team members are always displayed on posters. Team members need to determine the shift time so that everyone can visit the posters of other groups and complete the part within the class of the assignment. The sample poster format is on the back of this assignment sheet (5b). Each part must be numbered and italic title in bold must be given (due to consistency between posters).

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